Let's walk to freedom



Social Development through walking

#FunkItImWalking aims to make it safe for a Womxn to walk any time of day in any condition. We believe that safety is valuable and as such, our work not only creates safety for women but also enhances social development and creates economic opportunities by unlocking the value of safety. We are an environmentally friendly organisation who believe that communities should be clean by stopping littering and dumping but also ensuring people recycle. We believe safety is valuable and are of the view that a safer cleaner South Africa has a higher GDP and a better quality of life.



A look at our annual program

Throughout the year #FunkItImWalking has a program of activities. Take a look at what we have to offer that you can participate in.



Creating a safe walking path

In Soweto we have identified the walk between Soweto Theatre to Kliptown as our focus area. We host walks along this path, identifying businesses to support and we work with local policing and the community to find simple intervention that will unlock safety for the community.

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Safety for women in the workplace

In May we host a walk called Walking in Heels. This walk focusses on a specific issue faced by women in the workplace. In 2021 we called for the decriminalisation of Sex Work as Sex Workers are having their human rights infringed upon on a daily basis in South Africa. They are victims of abuse often at the hands of police, the very people who should be protecting them. They are stigmatised based on the choices they have made concerning their own bodies. We stand with SWEAT and Sisonke in the call for the decriminalisation of sex work in South Africa

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Walk with your mentor

We host 100 industry experts and professional women, and pair them with young professionals entering the market. During this 5km walk, you get to walk with your idol/mentor and ask them questions about the profession you are entering.

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Walking festival

In September we host a walking festival where we activate multiple venues along our target walking route. Over the duration of a weekend, the public are invited to park their cars and walk Soweto. Venue hopping with the family from book reading to bespoke music performances.

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A walk to bring an end to GBV

A walking exhibition which showcases women being women. We humanise the many faces of GBV by presenting women as they are as mothers, as sisters, as partners, as friends. We put a face on the many headlines of femicide. We are not headlines, we are human beings and you are killing us.

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A walk in January for us to proclaim what we want to see in our communities

Every year we declare New Years resolutions. An indivuals dream for their own life. We want to stop smoking, exercise, make healthier choices but we forget, we do not exist alone. We exist in community with others, During my community resolution walks we make social pacts with eachother hopefully ensuring that throughout the year we will hold each other accountable for our collective dreams

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“We are who we have been waiting for.”

Nomsa Mazwai


Upcoming Events

  • Before you kill us
    Thu, 02 Dec
    02 Dec, 18:00 – 22:00
    Soweto, Vilakazi St, Orlando West, Soweto, 1804, South Africa
    An exhibition which showcases women as they exist. Humanized going about their lives. We put faces in the place of headlines and social media memorials. A human look at women before you kill us.
  • Soweto Saturdays Derby Edition
    06 Nov, 09:00 – 12:00
    Soweto, Soweto, South Africa
    Every Saturday Sowetans wake up to clean, repair and renew Soweto. Through repairing what we see, we begin to repair how we feel, how we think about ourselves and how we imagine a new future for Soweto. Soweto Saturdays Derby Edition calls Sowetans to come and clean wearing their team colours.
  • Soweto Saturdays
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, 25 Sep
    25 Sep, 20:00 – 26 Sep, 00:00
    Soweto, Jabulani Brooke Complex, Jabulani, Soweto, 1868, South Africa
    Every Saturday Sowetans wake up to clean, repair and renew Soweto. Through repairing what we see, we begin to repair how we feel, how we think about ourselves and how we imagine a new future for Soweto.